Where to Start - Sponsorship with Mojo Future Tech Australia 

Mojo Future Tech Australia support varied disciplines from, Equine Sports, dog agility sports, motor-X, bike riding, gymnastic, swimming, martial arts to gym junkies plus anything in between!     

All sponsorship applications MUST go through the website and during the submission dates or they will not be considered, as we receive too many to keep up with otherwise. Thank you in advance for your understanding and we look forward to seeing your applications!   


When does Applications open? 

Sponsorship submissions are open from 1st October and strictly close on the 31st October each year so we can sort through the applications   


How long does sponsorship run for? 

We have a couple of Lifelong Ambassadors however, Sponsorship is valid for 12 months only – January through to December.  Have you enjoyed your time as a Mojo Future Tech Australia Ambassador? Then by all means re-apply when submissions open.   


How long until we respond to your regarding your sponsorship application? 

Please allow 45 days for a response after submissions close.  We do receive a large volume of applications and it all takes quite a bit of time to get through them.  We try our best & endeavour to get back to everyone in a timely manner, however, if you don’t get a response within 45 days we do apologise, but we were unable to fulfil your request.    


What type of individuals do Mojo Future Tech Australia Sponsor?  

We consider individuals who are reaching for their goals and that we believe are doing great things for their sport.  More importantly we expect that you are a self-promoter by use of the product.     


What Mojo Future Tech Australia offers you 

We look for a sponsorship to be impactful and lasting. We feel like those we sponsor will be part of the family.  So-what if you are the most amazing horseman ever to pick up reins!  We want to see you play nice with others, showing your true team spirit whilst enjoying your sport.  Do you value and empathise with your peers and community?  Are people excited to be in your company?  Do you leave your ego at home?  This is stuff that really is important to us.  We will endeavour to boost your profile as you boost ours.  What we give to you but not limited to;  

  • A Mojo Future Tech Wristband – your choice of colour and size
  • You will receive a Mojo Future Tech Equine & Pet Power Patch if applicable
  • We will supply you with a Mojo Future Tech Australia Polo shirt to wear
  • A Mojo Future Tech Australia magnetic sign with your name highlighted to place on your float or car door while at events / travelling / going to the shops!
  • Full exposure on our Website and Facebook page of all your events (photographs to be submitted by you)  
  • You consent to and will be featured in all our advertising as our Ambassador of Mojo Future Tech Australia – that being any printed advertising, social media or promo work.  


What Mojo Future Tech Australia expects in return from their sponsored Ambassador 

We expect you to keep us updated on what’s going on in your world of sport. This includes;  

  • sending us your calendar of events, post on Mojo Future Tech Australia Facebook page and of course photos of all your events; winning or not.         
  • A testimonial for our website and future promotional use.   
  • Wearing of Mojo Future Tech Australia polo shirt.  
  • Being the voice of Mojo Future Tech Australia when we aren’t present and directing everyone to the Mojo Future Tech Australia website.    

Basically, we want you to be proud to be sponsored by Mojo Future Tech Australia & vice-versa!



Please print out and fill in the Sponsorship Application Form

Sponsorship Application (pdf)



21055307-275206749631651-457244120683573397-o.jpg                                                                                            Riley Milliner - Junior Golfing Champion

jon-milliner.jpeg             img-0019-resized-1.jpg          

                        Jon Milliner - Master Farrier, Horseman & Golfer                          Chris Fletcher - Steer Wrestler    


fenella.jpg      berlinda.jpg                 

Fenella Fletcher - Barrel Racer                               Berlinda Robson & Truce Blue - Barrel Racing Team